Vampires are the closest playable species to demons.

Ah, the classic vampire. No one knows how they came to be, nor their true intentions. They must drink any kind of blood in order to live, otherwise they are forced to sleep until someone finds their old, dried up, shriveled body and feed them blood or they simply die of lack of blood. Vampires hearts do, in fact, beat. This is why they need blood. When someone gets changed into a vampire they grow another "tube" in their throat, which makes changing a very painful process. This "tube" is what feeds the heart. A Vampire's heart recycles the blood just as our bodies do but they can't produce their own blood cells. So, if they get hurt, the wound will heal but the blood is permanently lost. Vampires may drink any type of blood, however, human blood is the most delicious to them. They can not resist exposed human blood no matter how hard they try, unless they run away. It is hard for some vampires to control their urge to bite a human (oh, and they don't need to bite the neck, it's just the most effective way to drain them.) even if they have been practicing for years, although most Vampires don't even care. Vampires are in fact weak to sunlight, and if exposed to it directly for long periods of time, it burns their skin. However, they may go out on cloudy days as long as they have a parasol in hand or are covered up by a hooded robe. The burn wounds leave a black spot on their skin no matter how healed the burn itself may be. Of course, they are nocturnal, and have affinities for darkness and on rare occasions, ice. The most effective way to kill a vampire is to burn them in sunlight (normal fire will burn, but they will heal unless it's UV-rays.) or to take out their heart completely, otherwise, eventually, it will heal and the vampire will eventually be resurrected.

Lifespan - - No older than 1,000 years.

Special Abilities - - Vampires can change into a bat and back, they have enhanced sight, hearing, speed, strength, and smell, and they can master darkness magic (some cases, ice).

Distinguishing Traits - - Fangs, sharp nails, and red eyes. Sometimes they can have bat wings.

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