• Name: Ayaka Uzuki
  • Nicknames/Titles: Ayaka
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 16
  • Date of Birth: 8th day of Nifris
  • Location: Reikai

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Background Edit

"When the maiden of the Four Angels is born, she automatically dooms her family. One would think that this is a sad thing, being born and knowing your birth would cause the death of your whole family; but I see it differently. I was born in a kind and loving family. My mother and father raised me in the ways of the angels, teaching me the rights and wrongs of the world. My mother, who was the Angel's Maiden before me, would teach me some spiritual attacks, and sometimes even take me with her so I could watch her fight Carmina. My father would teach me things that I could learn in school, since I didn't go to the Hawn or Yasu villages' schools. I loved both of my parents more than the world itself; I didn't have grandparents or cousins, and I was about to learn why.

At the age of 10, my mother and father took me inside the shrine to talk. I know what you're thinking, "The birds and bees talk teehee~". No, not that kind of talk.

I had learned alot of Kunikyou's history from my father, so I knew about the Demon War thousands of years ago and the seal in the mountain. But I never knew that at the age of 15, the Angel's maiden would cause the death of ALL of her family before her. My mother assured me that their souls would be by my side through thick and thin, but I was never prepared for that kind of news.

It took me years to get over the depression that followed.

When I turned 13, I decided to make the most out of my time left with my family.

And I did.

I had accepted the fact that the deaths of my parents would protect the world of Kunikyou. Their souls would strengthen me, which in turn would strengthen the seal.

There's not much to say after that. I lived the rest of my life fulfilling my duty as the shrine maiden."

Personality Edit

"Ah... Well you guys sure are nosy huh?

Well I suppose I like to fly in the Kunikyou sky and check out some of the villages, they have some really nice shops, and food too. Ah~ I'm drooling just thinking about it! I love eating all kinds of foods from across Kunikyou. I try to avoid Yasu Village, the fact that Carmina are living with humans just doesn't sit well with me. Perhaps it's because I don't know any civilized Carmina. I just know these things to be human eating creatures that need to be exterminated. Anyway, I also like to take care of the shrine. If you come by, you'll see that there's alot of time put into the greenery around it. A lot is said about the Angel's Maiden by the way she takes care of the shrine, so I make sure to make it as pretty as possible. If someone comes to pray, which happens rarely, and they step on one of my flowers I'll send them a silent prayer to trip on a vine on their way out. Of course not in order for them to get hurt... There is a walkway right there! Don't walk through my nice little garden!

Otherwise, I'm very mild mannered, I believe the gods (angels) take care of us in our every-day lives. Every time I find a coin in the donation box when I don't remember anyone come by I get a nice warm feeling."

Likes Edit

  • Training
  • Winning
  • Peaches
  • The Angels
  • Taking care of her shrine
  • Protecting people

Dislikes Edit

  • Evil spirits
  • Demons
  • Getting suck in the rain
  • Breaking her things
  • Getting embarrassed

Desires Edit

  • To live a long life
  • To find a workaround to the seal that causes death to the Uzuki Bloodline
  • To find love

Habits and Quirks Edit

Sometimes, she will lay down on the spot and stare at the sky when she's frustrated, no matter what the situation. She tends to fumble with her hair on the side of her spool clip.

Appearance Edit

  • Age Appearance: 16
  • Skin: Natural complexion. Not too pale, not too tan.
  • Hair: Black that fades to brown at the tips.
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Clothes: A white shirt and a white skirt under a blue panel that has markings that resemble the seasons. Her sleeves are connected to the blue panel by a flexible metal wire that never seems to touch her shoulders. Wears simple black shoes and white socks.
  • Other: Wears bobby pens crossed in an X to keep one strand of hair that's longer than the rest out of her face on her left side. Wears a spool clip on her right side, it's the only thing she has left of her mother, the other clip was lost when she was little.

Combat Abilities Edit

"Hmm, well come to think of it I have been doing alot of fighting lately. I normally just fight any carmina in my way, of course the ones actually terrorizing people would be good to defeat as well. I'm the one everyone depends on when there's a situation, so I have to train hard! I attack head-on with amulet curtain fires and spiritual spells. Other than that a few kicks or a whack of my gohei will be coming their way! I am very nimble but not so fast. Of course, I am only human so if I hit something metal or rock, it will hurt me."

  • Approach: She tends to run into fights, eager to train and make herself become stronger.
  • Physical Fighting Style: Ayaka does kicks and hits her opponent with her gohei. She tends to get frustrated and recklessly attacks the air all around her in the middle of a fight if the target is too hard to hit. She tends to attack head-on.
  • Curtain Fire: Bullets shaped like amulets in all kinds of colors. Bullets that resemble the four seasons. A few lasers here and there.
  • Technique: "Train when I can, help people in need. Attack head-on!"

General Abilities Edit

  • Ability: Spiritual Magic.

"I don't know quite how this works, all that I know is that I'm blessed by the four angels so that I may keep peace in Kunikyou and guard the shrine. My spells allow me to fend off any carmina and seal them away if I need to.

Demons? Those don't exist anymore, and if I find a Hatake Seal, I can just fend the demon off until the seal comes back and purify the seal itself."

  • Spell Item: The Angel Maiden's Gohei
  • Attribute: Blessed

Skills Edit

Attack Skills Edit

  • High Kick (Kicks high in the air to send the enemy backwords and up, but not high.)
  • Swipe (Strikes with her gohei across the enemy's face or body.)

Guard Skills Edit

  • Deflect (Makes curtain fire useless, but still takes physical damage.)

Ability Skills Edit

  • Purify (Purifies evil spirits)
  • Seal (Seals carmina or evil spirits)

Spell Skills Edit

  • Teleportation (Throws her gohei somewhere and then teleports to where it is. However, if she cannot see it, she can't teleport. She can use this in combination with other moves in combat.)

Curtain Fire Skills Edit

  • Releases two bullets too either side of her that explode into blue, green, orange, and yellow lasers, they then shoot at the enemy.
  • Releases four bullets around her in the shapes of the symbols of the four seasons, they then shoot strings of bullets the opponent has to dodge while dodging periodic amulet bullets aimed at them.

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