Arcanius are a race of mortals that treats the world as their home. They do not live in villages, caves or have any main habitat. Instead, in large packs, they travel around the world following food supplies and they live in different lands depending on the time of year.

Even though Arcanius are not a feral race, their tribe may be hostile, friendly, or even a mix of both. This results in the Arcanius tribes going to battle with each other.

Arcanius all appear the same aside from minor skin color differences. The majority of their people are shorter than a human, and have larger heads compared to humans, in proportion.

Because they do not spend time researching things that the common education has to offer, many tribes tend to have difficulty speaking the common language and may have completely different beliefs of the common world. Which leads them to be a very curious and adventurous race.

Some Arcanius have settled in villages such as Hawn but these are rare cases of the individual seeking more knowledge or being a survivor of a tribe battle.

They live no more than 75 years.

Special Abilities Edit

Their abilities match that of a human, but as they are a small race, their bodies cannot store too much power. With that, they rely on speed and trickery in battle.

Distinguishing Traits Edit

They're short compared to humans (Perhaps as tall as a human child.)

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