This is referring to the humanoid species, not standard wildlife.

Some creatures can take a humanoid form, separate from their ordinary beastly appearance, and become Animals. Anything you see in the real world; cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, or any other animal you can think of also exists within Kunikyou, however they are most likely going to be in their humanoid forms. Grown animals often take the appearance of 13-16 year-old people. Animals may not change into their humanoid forms until they have reached the age of 5 (in animal years, they would look 13 as a humanoid).

KEEP IN MIND, that some species, such as livestock and fish, don't even have the choice to change to human form. These animals aren't typically given the magical ability to change, but there are some exceptions.

An animal in Kunikyou lives up to 50-55 years.

Special Abilities Edit

Animals may change back and fourth freely between their humanoid and quad (animal) forms after the age of 5. Animals are said to use more of their mind than humans, and are more in-tune with nature.

Distinguishing Traits Edit

Depending on the animal, they may have ears, tails, whiskers, and claws in their Human form. In some cases they may have fins instead of ears or wings.

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